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Beginners Guide: Forged Fittings and its Types

Beginners Guide: Forged Fittings and its Types

What is Forged Fittings?

Forged steel fittings are actually a pipe fitting that are in fact made from a forged carbon steel, stainless steel, high nickel alloys material. And so, forging steel is a process that produces very strong fittings. However, carbon steel is heated to melting temperature and placed in the dies. The heated steel is then processed into forged steel fittings.

Features of Forged Fittings

Forged Fittings assures the industrial piping systems of a smooth run of liquid. They are made up of by using high-quality steel forgings, and thus they are very much high in performance and durability. These fittings sufficiently carry out those industrial requirements that demand extremely durable, qualitative, and reliable products.

Types of Forged Fittings

They usually come in two different forms – Forged Threaded Fittings and Forged Socket Weld Fittings. And further, these are sub-categorised divided into different types such as Elbow, Tee, Union, Cross, Coupling, Cap, Bush, and Plug.

Elbow Fittings

It is a type of fitting that is being mounted in between the two pipe or tube lengths for to allow the change in the route of a flow. And this picky change in the flow is usually being performed in either 90 Degree or 45 Degree route.

Tee Fittings

Comes in different forms such as Equal Tee, Unequal Tee, Reducer Tee and Lateral Tee, these Forged Tee Fittings are in fact a type of pipe fittings that has some T-shaped with two open outlets on it. And these outlets are usually at a 90 deg point for to connect the tangible main pipe line.

Cross Fittings

It is designed to provide a four way flow which navigates the fluids to a different direction. However, it is exclusively designed for several piping applications of various industries such as steel factories, chemical industries, petrochemical industry, fire protection systems, etc.

Coupling Fittings

Comes in different types such as Full Coupling and Half Coupling, these Forged Coupling Fittings are carefully tested and it makes sure to provide one of the supreme standard quality with presence of a sturdy circumstances.

Cap Fittings

Cap Fittings are usually hot dip stirred for mounting its service life. The different range of such fittings is widely used in liquid doling out industries due to their features of superlative permanence, first-rate corrosion resistant and high performance.

Bushing Fittings

Bushing pipe fitting is made up of by brass material and has a male National Pipe Taper (NPT) threaded connection and also a female National Pipe Taper (NPT) threaded connection. This fitting joins two pipes by means of different diameters allied to it, and has a hexagonal head for a big bearing facade when fixing with the fitting through a tug.

Union Fittings

Union is accessible in varied sizes that ranges from 1/4″ NB to 4″ NB. And such range of unions is exceptionally long-lasting, resistant to corrosion and offers high end functionality.

Plug Fittings

Plugs are at length used in varied application in different industries such as petrochemical, oil refineries, cement industry, chemical processing, and so on. They are relatively easy to install the pipe plugs for the separation of piping systems through testing, maintenance or repairing of the dented pipe lines. On the other side Forged Plugs are accessible in all kinds of Threaded Plug such as Bull, Round Head, Hex Head, Square Head, and so on.

Forged Pipe Fittings Applications and Size Ranges

Threaded Pipe Fittings are widely used in a lot of sectors of gas production and petrochemical industries. Other industries where such fittings can be used are in making pharmaceutical varieties of making equipment, vessels, oil refinery equipment, and so on. The typical applications for socket weld fittings are: Explosive fluids and gases, Long service / durable installations, Steam, Acids and toxic fluids.

These forged fittings are available in different sizes and pressure class. For instance, the size range of the 45 degree elbow and 90 degree elbow is 1/2” to 4”, and the pressure classes of the product ranges in 3000lbs, 6000lbs and 9000 lbs. Meanwhile, these fittings are designated as Class 2000, 3000, and 6000 for forged threaded fittings and Class 3000, 6000, and 9000 for forged socket-weld fittings.